Southflyfisher is fly fishing in the South Island of New Zealand.

When we’re not fly fishing New Zealand’s South Island, Southflyfisher is sharing angling content across the globe.

Southflyfisher is a specialist outdoor marketing agency. We create specialist content, advise on fly angling digital media and provide marketing services centred on fly fishing tackle, apparel and associated camping gear. We help some great global angling brands to create and share high quality fly fishing content and experiences. All from New Zealand and shared across the angling world via our Southflyfisher Influencer Network.

Our Audience: We walk and talk with global anglers who passionately care for their quarry, its habitat, and the culture of our sport. They are informed, enthusiastic, increasingly affluent, and brand-sensitive.

Our Clients: We plan and work alongside globally-focused fly fishing companies whose products and services occupy the hearts and minds of passionate anglers. These companies are driven by innovation, deeply engaged in the wider sport and creating legacy brands.

We inform & inspire anglers to travel further, armed with the right gear and a great attitude.


At Southflyfisher, we work with our partners to produce and share content, create and celebrate symbiotic partnerships, undertake detailed gear reviews, plan and execute digital campaigns and provide discreet consultancy services. If that might be what you’re looking for, let’s have a chat.

Find out about our full range of digital marketing services, honed over decades of planning and crafting high quality creative advertising content for leading global advertising brands. Our digital marketing experience and our strategic advertising consultancy services are available to our client partners.

Southflyfisher is walking to fly fish in the South Island of New Zealand.
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Southflyfisher is a specialist fly fishing media & marketing company. We work with some of the world’s leading tackle brands to celebrate freshwater and saltwater angling.

We have a broad suite of services that you can read about within our 2022 Media Kit (available by email). In a nutshell, we create and share fly fishing content and experiences.

We go fishing. We run regular ‘content collection expeditions’ deep into the New Zealand wilderness (and offshore when we’re allowed to travel again), host inbound multi-day trips entirely focused on fly fishing in New Zealand’s South Island for exclusive groups, and provide host services for outbound expeditions that explore remote international fly fishing locations.

We shoot stuff. We produce digital fly fishing content, support social media and forums with our content, develop and execute advertising & marketing campaigns for tackle companies, provide highly selective brand ambassador functions, run our own ambassador management programme with selected local fishing guides and illuminaries (via our Southflyfisher Influencer Network), produce custom video and photography, and edit/caption short videos for our clients to distribute.

We test gear. We undertake private market assessments for tackle manufacturers and distributors, undertake independent gear reviews and facilitate brand partnerships between tackle companies and aligned consumer brands. We facilitate sponsorships and negotiate symbiotic partnership deals.

The source of our inspiration at Southflyfisher comes from over 40 years of fly fishing in New Zealand’s South Island and across the globe. So if you want fly fishing content created in brown trout heaven, talk to us. To see what we’ve been up to lately, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.