Fanning Island, Tabuaeran

SOUTHFLYFISHER produces and distribute fresh angler content. These packages can showcase your new rod, reel, line, fly, tackle, bag or apparel in action on big fish in pristine New Zealand backcountry locations. Just give us a confidential brief and we’ll share our recommendations and suggestions with you.

2022 Content

The 2021-2022 summer trout fishing season opened on 1 October in New Zealand. We are available for South Island New Zealand-based commissions for tackle, apparel and gear to be released in the coming 2022 Northern Hemisphere summer.

We have two saltwater flats expeditions planned for 2022 subject to our international border reopening. We’ll be in Aitutaki (Cook Islands) in May ’22 and Fanning Island (near Christmas Island/Kiribati) in September ’22. On these trips, we’re hosting fly fishing trips for Kiwi and Australian anglers wanting to chase trophy bonefish, on behalf of Isolation Outfitters, and supported by selected tackle manufacturers. We welcome collaborations for these trips.

Rounding out the 2022 calendar, we are currently planning a November ’22 content creation trip to Chile and Argentina in time for the start of the Patagonia fishing season. This will be epic! We can produce content for you on all these expeditions, subject to our existing contractual obligations.

How do you want your Content?

SOUTHFLYFISHER provides in-field professional content creation, editing and post-production services. We are also in the process of establishing and contracting with a team of dedicated international micro-influencers. These key opinion leaders can professionally and respectfully showcase your products and services on their social media channels. You can also access Southflyfisher as one of those micro-influencers.

Video Production. Our team can shoot & edit short video content for your social media reels/stories/posts, for website instruction, or your launch marketing campaign. We provide your content based on latest platform metrics and recommended sizes. We can provide password-protected access to our SOUTHFLYFISHER file-sharing service for your brand ambassadors, retailers, and influencers to download content for sharing on their own social platforms.

Film Production. One short and one long form film projects are currently being storyboarded with early exploratory filming underway. Specialist product placement (for 2022 film release) may be possible, subject to other contractual arrangements.

Action Photography. Yes, we can show your products alongside large wild trout being carefully released during our fishing expeditions. It’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it.

Product Reviews. This service is provided as a two-stage project. First, we discreetly test your product and provide our structured analysis and written feedback in a discreet, honest manner. Then, we can shoot, edit and submit our honest on-camera review & detailed product testing. Finally we can share our analysis in short form video with supporting images, cropped & sized for social media and your website. We can also post this content on our own social media channels.

Brand Ambassador Engagements. Working alongside your New Zealand (or offshore) Ambassadors, we can film and edit them in action using your products, capture face to face interviews, or on-the-river instruction. Alternatively, we can involve our own Ambassador Partners and micro-influencers from our Southflyfisher Influencer Network – should we/they be able to accept this assignment as they are subject to our existing contractual obligations.

Southflyfisher Influencer Engagement. Our social platforms are available for micro-influencer services. However this service is only for products and services we strongly believe in and have tested. Our social media profiles collectively reach over 12,000 quality angler profiles who follow our Southflyfisher accounts globally. (South Flyfisher Facebook Profile: ~5,000, Twitter: 3,000+, Instagram: 3,500+, Southflyfisher Facebook Business Page: 1,100+, as at January 2022.)

Brand Partnerships

Our decades of mainstream strategic brand and digital advertising set us apart from other fly fishing media companies. We know how to develop partnerships, create aligned content and leverage collaborations. We can provide legal agreements and brand introductions.

These partnerships showcase complementary products together or aligning your brand with category leaders. We can bring in external mainstream brands (vehicle, clothing, food, camping gear, etc), and celebrities (fly anglers or otherwise) that reflect credibility, authenticity and positive brand values.

A collaboration between symbiotic leadership brands is very powerful. Partnerships build wider brand awareness of new products in your range, and greater audience engagement.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us a message to discuss upcoming projects. We’re happy to provide some initial creative or strategic direction to demonstrate our unique service offer.

Brands We Love

Southflyfisher casts Epic Fly Rods, crafted in Wanaka New Zealand. Explore their Epic Reference Series. We’re enjoying the Reference 590G and 690G this summer.

Take a hosted trips with the New Zealand-based destination travel peeps at Isolation Outfitters to Aitutaki, Cook Islands or Chile, South America. Come with us.

Boutique Australian-made Harfin fly reels are next level! Check their LR100 to wrangle big bonefish.

We use Iridium satellite phones for remote connectivity and safety. We buy our Iridium services through Pivotel New Zealand.

Need a new cooker? The new Stash from Jetboil is so crazy light (only 200gm/7.1oz), we always stash our Stash for a quick cuppa & hot lunch on the riverbank.

If you’re thinking of fishing new places in the USA, New Zealand or further afield, listen to the Destination Angling Podcast from Steve Haigh, via Apple Podcasts, for tips and locations.