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SOUTHFLYFISHER is a specialist fly fishing digital media & marketing company from New Zealand. We are working with a few of the world’s leading tackle brands to celebrate freshwater and saltwater angling. If you make or distribute quality fly fishing tackle or camping gear, perhaps we could work with you too?

We have a broad suite of services that are outlined in our 2021 Media Kit that we can share via email. In a nutshell we create and share fly fishing content and experiences – but our service offering is much more strategic and broad than simply content creation.

We operate the Southflyfisher Influencer Network – an international team of carefully chosen international fishing micro-influencers who ooze personality and credibility, and are contracted to Southflyfisher to create and share content on behalf of our clients.

50,000+ Hours

What sets us apart is our decades of strategic advertising & senior business experience working with mainstream brands across numerous consumer and B2B categories. We’ve worked on campaigns for a myriad of sporting goods, motor vehicles (of all sizes), fashion apparel, e-commerce, consumer electronics, fuel, beverage, technology, rural, tourism, finance, government, and social change. We’ve lapped Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule more than five times!

Our brand advertising, creative and production expertise includes a couple of decades of hands-on digital marketing working agency- and client-side. We were operating at the advent of digital advertising. We constantly use platforms such as Klaviyo, MailChimp, social media and loyalty programs such as Smile.io and understand how to finetune these tools to cost-effectively maximise your exposure.

Working from New Zealand means remote working on your business while we’re close to large trout, pristine mountain streams and incredible backdrops We can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively generate ‘grammable content for your social platforms and communicate effortlessly across the globe.

We go fishing. We run regular ‘content collection expeditions’ deep into New Zealand’s wilderness, host inbound multi-day fly fishing trips into New Zealand for exclusive groups, and act as a host of outbound expeditions that explore remote international fly fishing locations. We also educate international anglers about fly fishing in the South Island of New Zealand – how, where, when, how to stay safe, and how to protect this fishery.

We shoot stuff. We produce digital fly fishing content, support social media and forums with our content, develop and execute advertising & marketing campaigns for tackle companies, provide highly selective brand ambassador functions, and run our own ambassador programme (our Southflyfisher Influencer Network). We produce custom video and photography, edit & caption short videos for our clients to distribute.

We test gear. We undertake private market assessments for tackle manufacturers and distributors, undertake independent gear reviews and facilitate brand partnerships between tackle companies and aligned consumer brands. We facilitate sponsorships and negotiate symbiotic partnership deals.

More than that, we provide a full suite of digital creative, marketing, media and analytical services. This is another practical point of difference beyond the bevvy of angling-centric digital creators and enthusiastic, independent influencers.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

SOUTHFLYFISHER has three decades of advertising and digital marketing experience, including at the highest levels of the professional advertising and e-commerce industries. We continue to advance our craft producing many digital campaigns (creative and media placement) across Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and for specialist industry print media.

There is a dedicated digital advertising media and analytics specialist on our team, again with decades of agency-side consulting experience as well as client-side empathy. This service will drive and optimise your campaign traffic and create positive and effective website experiences for your clients and customers.

As a specialist fly fishing digital media & marketing company, we provide the following agency services to fly fishing-related companies and organisations.

Agency Services

Strategy & Brief Development. We love strategic marketing communications. We love everything angling and our founder has been fly fishing since 1982, so combining our business skills with our favorite hobby is a marriage made in heaven.

Creative Development. Our lifelong career and passion for creative that works is available to be applied to your products and brands

We can work with you on fine-tuning the role of the communications, drilling down to the core proposition that will drive our creative outputs. Then apply our strategic and creative direction, to develop & share concepts – all over the Internet. We use a range of tools that make everything easier to produce and for us to communicate simply and effectively with you. Plus, if you’re based in the Northern Hemisphere, we work while you sleep!

Studio Production. We have a full digital studio with all the latest tools & toys (and bells & whistles)  to develop our concepts into placeable content for you to use, and re-use.

Content Placement. We can work directly to your Shopify webstore, and on your Facebook Business Page for Instagram and Facebook if required. Or we can simply provide proofed digital files for you to place.

Media Planning & Bookings. Working to your budget and our agreed target audience parameters, we can prepare a comprehensive media schedule for you to approve. We can place media bookings, provide material on your behalf, or hand over to you to manage your own media requirements.

Material Specifications. Digital files are sized, optimized, tested as per the approved media schedule, with images correctly labelled and ordered for carousel placements. Copy is provided with placement instructions, just to make sure everything runs according to plan.

Analytics & Reporting. We’ll put modern analytics tools in place before the campaign launches. We will collect data and report back to you on progress early on, during and post-campaign. And we’ll make live recommendations to optimize your creatives and placements as the campaign progresses, to maximise your budget.

Campaign Management. We don’t think you’ll find a better, more comprehensive, fly fishing-specific advertising service anywhere in the world. From the initial brief, through to our campaign reporting, you’ll benefit from our decades of experience and attention to detail. And you’ll sell more kit.

Get In Touch

If anything here piques your interest, just drop us an email or give us a call to chat further. If you would like to engage a specialist fly fishing media & marketing company, talk to us. We are happy to provide a proposal outlining how we believe we can assist your organisation.